6x official world record holder, Leah Shutkever, takes on the ‘Not so holy challenge’

Written by Martin James Admin

Birmingham-based restaurant, Holy Moly, home of the Harlem-inspired ‘Proper Mac’, –teamed up with 6x Official World Record Holder, Leah Hutkever, on Monday 3rd February as she attempted to take on the new the ‘Not So Holy’ Challenge.

Leah will be the very first person to take on this Harlem-inspired feast, made up of four fully loaded ‘Not So Holy’ burgers and a portion of fries – setting the tone for those that think they can do better, as the challenge opens up to the public from 4th February 2020. With just 30 minutes on the clock, it will be a race against time to become the soul food champion. Leah completed the challenge in a record breaking 9 minutes 53 seconds.

Paul Elliot, Head of Business at Holy Moly said: “We are extremely excited to be teaming up with Leah Shutkever as she takes on the Not So Holy Challenge. As a 6x Official World Record Holder, we are looking forward to seeing how our soul food platter fares up to Leah’s previous challenges.”

Sound easy? Think you can take on the ‘Not So Holy’ Challenge? Well, it’s your lucky day because now you can. From 4th February, for just £30 you can take part in the challenge, facing the same amount of food as Leah and all under the same time constraints too. Complete the challenge and your food is free.

Think you can complete the challenge in better time? Your photo will be taken with our clapper board and we will announce you on our social pages as the new reigning champion. So, what are you waiting for? Head on down to Holy Moly based in Grand Central and take on the ultimate soul food challenge.

Bookings are not required at Holy Moly. For more information about the restaurant or menus available, visit here.