By Daniel Croft, Chief Executive Officer of Foster Talk

When I think about the phrase ‘Fearless Futures’ I think of a society where my children can thrive, a world where just being yourself is enough and no judgement is passed.

A future in which my daughter can decide to be an astronaut, or a stay at home mum, or a poet or all three and she’s given those opportunities in such a way that she’s not afraid or constrained by her environment to take them and blossom.

A future for my sons to be proud sensible and sensitive men without any recourse to be a man’s man and hide their feelings.

A future that provides the platform for all children to be children, live in safe and stable environments in which they can express themselves fully.

But mostly it makes me feel like we can fearlessly fail forward, make mistakes and do great things, not being afraid to change the status quo to try new things and make huge leaps forward that benefit us all.