Dr. Heather Modlin

Written by Martin James Admin

On the 12th of September 2019, Heather Modlin, Provincial Director of Key Assets Newfoundland was a finalist for #StandUpForKidsCanada Lynn Factor National Award organised by the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada.

Stephen Jacques, CEO of Key Assets, said, ‘Heather’s work across Newfoundland & Labrador has been noted as outstanding! She is a true agent of change & we are very, very proud of her!’

Heather has been committed to creating positive change in the lives of young people for 30 years, particularly striving for Family Based Care. Heather led the initiative to create a multi-agency committee who will investigate child abuse and develop a Child Advocacy Centre in Newfoundland.

The #StandUpForKidsCanada Lynn Factor National Award recognises those who have made an indelible mark on the child welfare landscape across Canada and Heather has proven her dedication to enact social change.