The SEED Practice Model

Written by Martin James Admin

Humanising Inclusion 

To support us in securing our vision of a society in which every individual is valued and where all dreams can be realised without fear, limitation, or prejudice. 

Humanise, part of the Martin James Network, has used the SEED model for change, to develop Inclusion training.

Ayyab is working with the team at Humanise to create and deliver learning that is emotionally engaging and intellectually stimulating.  The vision is that our learning programmes assist humans to connect on levels deep enough to affect real and lasting positive behavioural change – for the benefit of individuals and the wider organisations!

Our first learning programme, Humanising Inclusion … Every Voice Counts was piloted this week with leaders across the Network because we want to be sure that what we created was effective – and there is no better place to find out if something is effective than using it ourselves.

The programme is aimed at Leaders within companies so that they lead from the front on securing cultures of inclusion and belonging.  It takes leaders on a journey to connect deeper with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), to think differently about it than perhaps they ever have before,  and be moved to care enough and have the courage to be part of the much-needed change in the workplace. This refreshing approach has been inspired by breaking away from the traditional D&I approach. Ayyab’s Cockburn, COO at Martin James Network commented:

“I felt that the inclusion training that I had seen or experienced focussed on raising awareness and seeking change however there was little evidence it was securing behaviour change. I felt there was something inherently wrong about training that didn’t naturally unify people, instead, it seemed to be polarising people. I wanted to create something that brought people together with the intention of empowering them to create something better – changing lives through changing practices and system”.

It was great being a part of the group on Wednesday 28th July who experienced the learning firsthand.   The session was brilliant. – with leaders commenting that the biggest takeaway from the session was the realisation that small, considered actions can lead to huge changes. This realisation came about through having the opportunity to reflect on one’s self and with others, to see situations from the perspective of others, from giving a voice to everyone and identifying what systems needed to be disrupted to secure long-lasting change.

Grace and Hanna – the training duo – are reflecting on the feedback and preparing to share the training with more people from across the Network.